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The Frog Whisperer

Well, my hubby made good on his promise to take the little one out and give me some alone time and now I once again have a spot to sit down and play....er I mean work.

Next, I have to tackle this:

And then this.......and this one scares me:

The very first thing I did with my shiny clean workspace is to make a frog aquarium for my little guy out of an old plant container that contained a sort of Venus fly trap:

The little guy exclaimed to me "Mommy, I am a frog whisperer". If you have ever watched Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, this would crack you up....even more. I just love this kid.

"Hewwo, I wehabiwitate fwogs, I twain peopohw"

Only Two Days Left!

Our very first care-package to Ms. Sarah in Iraq was shipped out on Friday. I say "our package" because it was put together with lots of donations. THANK YOU! I will be periodically sending care packages to Sarah for as long as she is deployed. The first box was FULL of craft supplies for the local Iraqi children she works with. I would like to get a care package sent out once a month.
Today my hubby has promised to help with the little one so I can get my Studio re-organized so that I can begin the Fall craft season and begin taking portrait orders. I think this time around I will only offer pencil/charcoal portraits in black and white (and maybe a smidge of color) and see how that goes. Portraits are what pay for Christmas every year so I better get in gear! It has been a nice restful summer and now I hope to have my Etsy shop back open on Sept 1st. Only two days! Wish me luck!


Crafts Supplies for the Children

Well, nearly a month gone by and still no craft fairy has come to organize my art"studio". I spose I am going to have to do it myself! Maybe I will find more craft supplies to send to the children in Iraq (see previous post). I have been receiving donations and well wishes from lots of people (THANK YOU!). Here is a photo showing what supplies I have so far:
If you would like to donate craft supplies, send a donation, send words of encouragement, please comment on this post or email it to colorofdawn@comcast.net
My first box of supplies and well wishes goes out this Friday but I will be continuously gathering and sending for as long as Sarah is deployed.
Thanks all!


Adopt A U.S. Soldier

As I said, it has been an eventful summer. One of my "adventures" was to adopt a soldier and try to share some companionship with a soldier so far away from home. My soldier's name is Sarah Bartolotta, age 31 of New York who is currently deployed in Iraq out of Fort Hood, Texas. She writes:

"On my day off I support the local Iraqi community by volunteering my time to the Girl Scouts. Any small toys provided will be passed on to the local children. Thank you for your support!"

Please join me in supporting Sarah and bringing a little smile to her day. You can leave comments and letters in the comment section of my blog or send to colorofdawn@comcast.net. If you have any ideas on what to send for her and the local children or wish to donate please contact me. If you would like to sign up to adopt your own soldier please do so at www.adoptaussoldier.org



As summer winds to an end I am beginning to recieve request for portraits. I'm not exactly sure if I am ready to begin taking orders yet. I am feeling the need to create some paintings on canvas. I haven't done that in a while. But I cannot do anything until my crafty fairy comes and organizes my absolute mess of art and craft supplies. My goodness do I have stuff....stuffed....EVERYWHERE! On that note, here are the last two portraits I created before I closed up the shop.


Life is good......

Fall is almost here and I am feeling the urge to re-enter the blogging world. Kind of funny though. I was looking back at previous posts and found it was in August of last year that I made my very first entry. Something about this time of year that wakes me up inside and makes me want to create. I LOVE the Fall. But not to get too ahead of myself, it has been an eventful summer. We took the boys and ourselves to Myrtle Beach for the very first time:

And the hubby and I just celebrated our 17th Anniversary. Kuddos to us.

My Etsy shop has been closed for the summer. I needed a break and needed some time to relax for the summer and settle into my new job which I continue to LOVE very much. God has blessed me, yes he has. And on another note, I have periodically kept up with reading posts of my fellow blogsters and see that even though I have been gone for 4+ months, I still have the honor of being on Lulu's list. Thanks Lu, hope your visit with your Mamma is a fun and memorable one. And Also Devyn's page. I still LOVE your designs!