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Adopt A U.S. Soldier

As I said, it has been an eventful summer. One of my "adventures" was to adopt a soldier and try to share some companionship with a soldier so far away from home. My soldier's name is Sarah Bartolotta, age 31 of New York who is currently deployed in Iraq out of Fort Hood, Texas. She writes:

"On my day off I support the local Iraqi community by volunteering my time to the Girl Scouts. Any small toys provided will be passed on to the local children. Thank you for your support!"

Please join me in supporting Sarah and bringing a little smile to her day. You can leave comments and letters in the comment section of my blog or send to colorofdawn@comcast.net. If you have any ideas on what to send for her and the local children or wish to donate please contact me. If you would like to sign up to adopt your own soldier please do so at www.adoptaussoldier.org


  1. Hmmm.....I've been looking for a cause or something that I can support, and this might be it - do you know what kinds of toys to send? Or how to gather and send?

  2. Okay, Ms. Amber Dawn, the last time you were at Treasure Island Books you asked if I had opened my etsy shop yet. I was still chicken then, but I think I'm turning into a swan or an eagle or some brave bird now. Here's the shop link:
    and the bloglink:
    Let me know what you think. I'm taking baby steps now.Just baby steps.