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Crafty Punkins

Just a little bit of punkin carving going on tonight.

And I DO mean LITTLE.

A little bitty punkin for my little bitty punkin. Perfect.


Romantic Conversations......

Heading to the back of the house to say goodnight to the hubby who goes to bed at a time when normal people do. I walk to the side of the bed to give him kisses:

HUBBY: "Hi. Did you know that women in Mexico have sex on average 45 min at a time? And women in Greece have sex on average 130 times a year?

ME: "Really? They must be housewives and stay at home Moms. I would scrub the hell out of some toilets to be able to stay at home. Spit shine them even."

HUBBY: "I have something for you to spit shine."

ME: "Speaking of bodily fluids I am getting tired of cleaning them up around here, the baby missing the potty, hairballs in the floor and I think the dog just yacked on the sofa"

HUBBY: "I've got some bodily fluids for ya"

ME: ".................................good-night"



Not a lot of crafting going on in my house lately but the comedy still plays on. So I'll share that with you. First I must tell you how "the toddler", though he's big enough now to park himself on the potty, he still needs a bit of assistance when he's done. I know he's done when I hear this phrase ringing loudly through the house "MOOOOMMY! I'M WEADY TO WIIIIIPE!". Lately he has tried to be helpful by pulling off half the roll of toilet paper and giving it to me as I enter the room. He's a good little helper. So I have been explaining to him, as I re-roll the unnecessary paper, the importance of not being wasteful and how he only needs a little bit of toilet paper cause he only has a little booty. So now when I answer his call, he hands me the perfect little bit of toilet paper just right to clean his little booty. But tonight he had to add the comedy. I answered his call and walked into the bathroom and he looked up at me proudly exclaiming "wook Mommy I onwy got a wittow bit-fo my wittow booty!" So I praised him saying "oh wow I'm so proud! And you didn't waste any paper!" to which he replied "yeah and when I gwo up I can use BIG BOOTY toiyette paypah!"


Happy Chrisoweenmas.....where's the Pepto?

Currently nursing a sick baby........although it's one of the last things I want to have to do as a Mommy, it's one of the things that I do as a Mommy that makes me feel like....a Mommy. To be holding a limp little body with a horribly sick tummy, helping him get through this unpleasant part of childhood I truly feel how he needs me and wants me and depends on me to be with him and make him all better. After his last bout of sick tummy-ness I was holding his head, gently cleaning his face, when he looked at me with appreciative sick little eyes, gave me a partial dimpled smile and began singing to me, "pwudolph da wed nosed weigndeah...had a vewy shiney nose....." It was the sweetest and most comical part of my day. I sat there and enjoyed his gift of song...and then promptly began trying to bring down the fever-which I'm sure was the cause of the Christmas Carol from out of nowhere in the middle of the Halloween season.

STUFF be gone!!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I got sheeeit everywhere. Man my house is cluttered to the max! It's making me nuts. How can I possibly focus on crafting or life in general when I got sheeit everywhere? So I have launched an attack. The plan of attack is to focus on one room in the house each week and declutter. I'm gettin rid of EVERYTHING right down the the bare essentials! So far I have three giant black trash bags full of STUFF on its way out the door. Just like tithing, I'm givin till it hurts. The sweet Lord teaches not be a slave to material things and that's exactly what I am. A slave to all my STUFF! The more "material" things that enter this house means more STUFF to keep up with and drive me crazy. It has taken over my life. I have to constantly wash, organize and keep up with the STUFF. So clutter be gone!!!! Oh sure, I could ebay or craigs list or yard sale it all, but it is worth its weight in gold just to be rid of it. I'm hoping once the clutter is gone, I can get back to enjoying the more important things in life...... and maybe a little crafting. That is until Christmas rolls around and we are surrounded by more STUFF. Yeesh.


Free Lovin'

Slipping back into the blogging world pretending no one noticed I was "gone"................I have a confession. Tonight I began building a new store on a website called Shop Handmade. (I'm cheating on Etsy) I don't know why. I spose it's just my nature to not be able to keep things neat and tidy and in one place, no, I have to have all my sheeeit strewn all over the place. That's how I roll. I've only listed a few things so far and haven't spent a whole lot of time browsing as to how the site really works but the most important part is ITS TOTALLY FREE! I like free. Free is good. Like the other night when my friend, Hannah, and I went to the mall and got some awesome hydro-massages on a buy one get one free promo, followed by free scent ports at Bath & Body Works and free cappuccinos at Barnes & Noble. Free ROCKS! I am once again addicted to searching online for freebies and coupons.Woohoo!


Christmas.....On a Stick

This guy is crackin' me up. Just so gosh darned cute! Along with my new line of Woodland Creatures on ETSY.


Who Miracle Growed My Arse?

I have been without a camera for about a year now. All my kid's photos have been taken by friends and family and my lovely camera phone. ALL of the photos in my ETSY shop have been taken by camera phone and painstakingly computer edited to look presentable. But just a few days ago I finally bought a camera. A digital one! My very first digital camera. But I still love you my nonworking soooperzoom 35mm! Now I must take on the task of learning to work the new Canon 8.0 magapixel 4xOptical zoom Powershot camera and figure out how to upload all the photos to computer and such. Problem is, I have become a firm believer that my brain has reached full capacity and in order to enter new info, I must sacrifice some old info to make room. I think this is the reason that the older I get, the stupider I get (see? stupider isn't even a word...is it?) Anyhoo, I look forward to becoming a master at this digital camera thing. It certainly seems to be capturing the most vibrant, clear pictures I have ever taken. And I hope that the information I am sacrificing from my brain to make room isn't all that important like....say......maybe I could loose the knowledge that I have a giant arse? That would be awesome. To walk around completely oblivious to the fact that the thing behind me just keeps growing and growing like someone poured miracle grow on it.

Gosh this ice cream is good. And all the scrumptious little cookies crumbled up inside too.