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Candle Campfires and Earthy Soaps

As Spring draws nearer and nearer, we are getting that urge for campfires. Weenie roasts followed by marshamallow roasts with s'mores to be exact. In the blustery cold of winter, we have discovered how to bring this sort of activity indoors. Well, at least the marshmallow roasting. Ladies and gentlemen, the Rileyman and I bring you the candle campfire with mini marshmallows on a skewer.

As a note of safety, it is best to soak your skewers in water beforehand and  and have bowls of water and a large wet towel nearby.

Candle campfire marshmallows catch fire just like the big ones and somehow more easily.   

But they are still delicious just the same!!!! 

On another note: there is a new listing for Shining Hope Soap for Haiti in the Etsy Shop today.

This is a generous helping of luxurious hand-milled soap with nourishng olive and sweet almond oils that attract moisture to the skin. Blueberry seeds have been added for gentle exfoliation. This soap will leave your skin feeling so soft and supple! With a fresh citrus scent and earthy hints of sage, it is a hit with the ladies, men and kiddos. An all around family choice of soaps. Each bar is approx 4.5oz.
Click HERE to purchase at the Color Of Dawn Creations Etsy Shop.
Happy Friday!!!!!

~Amber D. McNabb


Spring Sneak Peek

Last week we had a winter snow storm that closed schools for two and a half days with below freezing temperatures. This week it is beautiful with sunshine and has hit 70+ degrees. As they say, "If you don't like the weather in TN-stick around a few days and it'll change". This week certainly has my Spring fever in full swing! I've got some flower seeds planted in the windowsill and  my daydreams of vegetable and butterfly gardens are taking over. You can see hints of Spring in my new collection of resin coated wood pendants in cedar and pine. Here they are, dipped in resin and hanging out to dry. I just love how the resin brings out the deep burgundy in the cedar pendants. My father and I hunted down these pieces of wood on his farm and cut them together in his wood shop so they are pretty special to me.

I know this week is just a teaser of the Spring to come and we are more likely to have a few more spells of winter weather. But I sure am thankful for this sneak peek. It does my heart and soul good.

~Amber D. McNabb
"Lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone." Song of Solomon 2:11 


Productivity For A Brighter Future

 The snow is finally gone, the kids are back to school and productivity at Color Of Dawn Creations has gone up a notch. New in the shop is a listing for custom hand carved monogrammed soap. Shown below is a  custom request for the letter "M" monogrammed onto goats milk soap in lavender and accented in gold.  I have a newfound love for hand carving soaps. And since they are offered in goats milk, shea butter or olive oil, my hands stay nice and soft and pleasingly fragrant.  You can place a custom order in your choice of color, fragrance and wonderfully moisturizing type by clicking HERE.

Don't forget that 10% of all soap orders is donated to Lifeline Christian Mission for Haiti.

Aso new is the Matilde photo tote. You can display up to five photos of your fondest memories of Haiti on one side and enjoy an Art For Haiti print of Matilde© by Amber. D. McNabb on the other. Available in your choice of teal or black. Just send an email request to:
$20.00 ( plus shipping) 13"L x 3"W x 13.75"H

10% of this purchase also goes to Lifeline Christian Mission for Haiti.
I have been asked quite a bit lately, "why do you do this?" For the most part my answer is that giving and helping others is just in my nature and my passion. I am a firm believer that no matter your circumstance in life, you are always in a position to help others. And it just makes God happy. Right? I read this recently in my daily guidepost and wanted to share. These are words, a prayer, I try live by daily:
"Lord, don't let bitterness about the past keep me from bringing a brighter future to someone else"
~J. Sundquist

~Amber D. McNabb


Snow Day Fun!-(kid craft idea)

Every winter, kids and adults everywhere get all crazy excited about the first snow! They are rushing out for those snowball fights, making snow angels, snowmen and sledding. But there comes a time when being outside in the freezing cold isn't exactly all that fun any more and you've been whopped in the face a few too many times with a snowball and the novelty of laughing at the kids bundled up so warm that they can't put their arms down .......wait...no that part never gets old but I digress.....there comes a time when you just want to be inside where it's warm. So why not bring the snow inside?

We scooped up a bucket of snow and used the top of a large Rubbermaid container for a work table because it keeps all the melting snow from going everywhere. Playing with snow like this is much like playing with sand making sandcastles so any kind of cups and containers work well for making snow packed creations.

You can use lots of things like pipe cleaners and colorful buttons and such for decorations.

Don't forget to take lots of sweet pictures for your scrap books and photo albums!

Huh? wait no....this is wrong......this is terribly wrong.


(The best part is that you can keep your creations in the freezer like so....)

Make the most of your snow days! We sure seem to be having a LOT of them this year.
~Amber D. McNabb


2011 Off To A Fabulous Start!

Between snow days with the kids, sick days with the Rileyman, visiting colleges and applying for scholarships with Devyn, getting Shining Hope Soap made and up for sale and all that comes with trying to have an at home business (such as dodging the Nerf bullets that are flying through the air while mixing up batches of soap) this year has been a whirlwind so far. But good stuff and blessings all around. First of all, Shining Hope Soap is beginning to take off. In just three weeks, soap sales totalled $87.50 for the month-of which 10% goes to Lifeline Christian Mission for Haiti. Click HERE to visit the Etsy shop and make a purchase. You can also email a purchase request to colorofdawncreations@gmail.com
January's Art for Haiti was completed. The painting was inspired by a photo that my Aunt Linda had taken while on a Mission trip to Haiti of a young man reading his little Bible. When I saw it, several scriptures came to mind but the most fitting I decided for this painting would be
Psalms 119:105
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."
100% of the purchase price of this painting goes to Lifeline Christian Mission for Haiti.
Click HERE to purchase this painting or send an email request to colorofdawncreations@gmail.com

A check was mailed out to Lifeline Christian Mission to support the children and their families devastated by the earthquake in January 2010.

And just this week, our pride and joy, Devyn McNabb, signed with Carson Newman College. This is a very exciting time and we are feeling the blessings let me tell you! Devyn made a special request for us to pull the Rileyman out of kindergarten so he could be present during the signing. The Rileyman just so happens to be his biggest little fan. Notice my giant smile. And that handsome fella on the other side......we are some very VERY proud parents.
~Amber D. McNabb