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Only Two Days Left!

Our very first care-package to Ms. Sarah in Iraq was shipped out on Friday. I say "our package" because it was put together with lots of donations. THANK YOU! I will be periodically sending care packages to Sarah for as long as she is deployed. The first box was FULL of craft supplies for the local Iraqi children she works with. I would like to get a care package sent out once a month.
Today my hubby has promised to help with the little one so I can get my Studio re-organized so that I can begin the Fall craft season and begin taking portrait orders. I think this time around I will only offer pencil/charcoal portraits in black and white (and maybe a smidge of color) and see how that goes. Portraits are what pay for Christmas every year so I better get in gear! It has been a nice restful summer and now I hope to have my Etsy shop back open on Sept 1st. Only two days! Wish me luck!


  1. This is very cool!!

  2. have fun with the shop this year! it's going to be great with your custom portraits. also. i want a studio.

  3. Winn, it's not REALLY a studio, it's really just a corner of the house I have claimed as my own.....which, sadly, seems to be the only part of the house that gets horribly neglected. I just like saying "studio". It's all formal and cool and such.

  4. Amber, I got you convo on the ets - now that I've gotten my ass off the couch, I'll be getting some supplies together for your next package.