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Platypus Nutcracker!

It's official. Christmas in the McNabb house has finally been taken down and somewhat put away. Meaning it's still in the house, just in boxes ready to go out to the shed. I am never in an all fired hurry to put away the Christmas. 

The photo above shows the ornaments that I made last year. A Christmas Story is my all time favorite holiday movie. Not only does it remind me of the few childhood Christmases I spent in the great white north, it has helped me to curse in a non cursing way. It's always comical to holler "hosticklfifer!" or call that one person deserving of an ugly word, "YOU platypus nutcracker!" And of course there is he very famous "OH FUDGE".
The Color Of Dawn Creations store is still closed. There hasn't been a lot of crafting or creating going on. Unless you count photography. I have been taking quite a few photos out on the McNabb farm this winter. It is so pretty and peaceful out there. 

Perfect for relaxing and enjoying a good campfire with giant marshmallows. 

I mean REALLY enjoying those marshmallows!

The doc promises our playing out on the farm in winter temperatures did not cause this scene with the Rileyman fighting cooties once again with Spiderman ice packs and routine temp. checks. 

I can only hope that when he rests, he is dreaming of wandering around that farm exploring with his side kick Lola Roo and battling anything that comes their way in the "spooky forests" while wielding swords in battle. 

This is my most FAVORITE winter scene so far!

I have some ideas floating around in my head to get back on track with my Art For Haiti. And I can't wait to play with my new Wood Burning and Hobby Kit that I got for Christmas! 

~Amber D. McNabb