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New to the blogging world

I was at Michael's Art Supply last night (again. I could stay in there all day!) and as always, before heading to the register, I scoped out the magazine racks for possible new issues on craft ideas and saw a copy of "Artful Blogger". I have always been curious about blogs and what they are all about. I opened the magazine and fluttered through a few pages and saw a plethera of blogs with the most captivating pictures and I decided I HAD to bring this magazine home. I was a bit nervous about the price though (14.99US) but I so desperately wanted this magazine I finally decided to treat myself. And as if there were crafty spirits around me wanting to congratulate me for deciding to actually treat myself, since I rarely ever do this, a lady came to me as if from nowhere and handed me a 40% off coupon exclaiming she wasn't going to use it and then, as quick as she appeared, she was gone. I have poured through this magazine and its articles and pictures and did a little research on blogging through the Etsy forums and decided to dive in. So here I am. First post. And I have a feeling this blogging thing could get horribly, or perhaps magnificently, addictive.


  1. Yes, it certainly can get addictive! Here's wishing you good luck with your first blog!

  2. I love those 40% off coupons!! Have fun with your new magazine!

  3. I love that Magazine too... but it is expensive, maybe I'll go hang out at Michael's & look for the coupon fairy!
    Nice Blog :)

  4. good luck with your blog, amber! i've just started mine and hope you will visit me—lanyardlady on blogger. i enjoyed reading your post and looking at your artwork.


  5. OK..you did it! You just inspired me to start blogging. I have been putting it off for weeks now. I too have bought the same issue of Artful Blogging (but the blog fairies were no where to be found!) But it was worth every penny. Anyhow, best of luck to your Etsy shop and blog. My blog site eventually will be:

  6. I can already tell this is going to be a fantastic and addictive blog.

    I agree with you. Crafty spirits blessed you this day. Very cool. I'll have to take a look at that magazine. I usually stay away from them unless I hear really good things about them.

  7. well i'm glad you started your blog.

    as my cousin said to me just last night "you're quite comical".

    i mean it as a compliment (to you). i don't know if my cousin meant it as a compliment (to me)...