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Treasure Ye Chest!

The awesomeness of Kelly Delaney recently graced my store with a few purchases. She so happened to mention that she is organizing a Pink Pirate Party Fundraising Event for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for a Cure. Her team is cleverly named Hooters-R-Us. I LOVE IT! She will be walking 60 miles over 3 days in honor of her Great Grandmother, who is a 3 time breast cancer survivor.
This "rare and valuable swag" (see flyer below) was added to Kelly's package of store purchases. Breast cancer is a beast that has found its way into the lives of some of my closest family and friends. So Grammy, "Auntie" Jan, Linda, Jenniffer, and Melinda....I do this in honor of you.
(This ornament can be purchased at Color Of Dawn Creations on Etsy)

Good luck with your Pirate Party and raffle Kelly! I hope it ROCKS! ~Amber

Amber D. McNabb


Cottage Rose Decor on Gallatin Square

Beautiful Spring weather makes me want to get out and walk around in the fresh air and explore. The Gallatin Square has turned into a great place to do just that. It has come to life with little cafes and eateries, coffee shops, bakeries and gift shops. It is absolutely bursting into a friendly little community of small business owners.


I was extremely excited to find this little shop that recently opened called Cottage Rose Decor owned by Denise Luttrell. It is off the square, just a tad, next door to Corlew's Appliances. You can't miss is it. It is the cutest little dream of a shop with gorgeous window displays that beckon you to come in and look around.

Inside you will find Shabby Chic meets French Country meets  Cottage chic .....with a Vintage/Victorian flair .....all designed by Denise. She began her business dream with a love for collecting vintage jewelry and gloves, beautiful lace, and giving old furniture new life. She loves repurposing old treasures into something new and beautiful. Her designs are one of a kind and she even takes custom requests. Just look for yourself, her shop is full of everything you could want or need to beautifully decorate your home or find that perfect little gift.

Not sure what to buy for that special someone? Cottage Rose Decor offers gift cards!

So please stop  by Cottage Rose Decor and pay Ms. Denise a visit. You will be so glad you did!
And tell her Amber sent ya.


Amber D. McNabb


My Hubby Does "Crafty Stuff" Too!

Huh? What's going on here? Honey? Are you.....CRAFTING?!!!

"No I am NOT crafting, I am making fishing lures"

That looks like CRAFTING to me. You are creating something and even painting....you are SO crafting.

"I am NOT crafting"
Yes you are.

Above is the finished product of what is now dubbed "Mike's Lures". You see, we are an outdoorsy type family and we love our fishing.

And we love our fish.  

And speaking of fish, I spent the weekend at Dad's last week and packed all my paints and paint brushes and left all my canvases at home. I was really crushed......until Dad put a piece of driftwood in front of me and requested a northern pike. He loves it.

And I love painting on driftwood and things found in nature. I now have a pile of "natural canvases" ready for some color.

Amber D. McNabb


Where Did That Vegetable Stand Guy Go?

Dear Gallatin neighbors, and friends passin' through, have you been wondering what happened to that fella with the roadside stand of fresh veggies? You know, the one with all the farm fresh fruits and veggies just bursting with color on the side of the road "where the old Walmart.......and Goody's used to be"? Well, let me tell you, he's still there and he didn't go far. Just turn on into that same parking lot and he is right next door to Burke's outlet. (that replaced Goody's) You know, Tractor Supply is on one side, he's on the other.
(typical country directions, yes?)

Don' Farm Fresh Produce at 694 Nashville Pike in Gallatin TN is still bursting with all those wonderful and flavorful fruits and veggies....and then some. This fella is a busy man these days supplying fresh produce to local places such as The Whippoorwill and Grecians on the Square, Lenny's Sub Shop, American Legion, Top Hog BBQ on Blythe and the Elk's Club. 

Just look at these yummy squash, tomatoes, peaches and strawberries and tell me your mouth is not watering.

Don has plenty of room in his store to provide you with all your hearts desire of farm fresh goodness such as tomatoes, cabbage, turnips, potatoes of all kinds, peppers, cucumbers, squash, beans, onions, apples, grapefruits, oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries and more. You can even find some painted gourds and such from local crafters.

One of Don's biggest sellers right now is the local honey. Jarred straight from the hive, it's about as fresh as you can get. If you purchase honey today, it may very well have been collected and jarred only a few hours before purchase. Fresh, raw, PURE & LOCAL honey works absolute wonders for those with allergies. Take a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night and within 7 days you just might be cured of your allergy woes. I bought some. Let me tell you, not only does it work, it is absolutely delicious.  
Also available are home made jams and jellies, apple butter, apple cider vinegar, marinated asparagus, and pepper sauces.

In the fridge you will find eggs, (I checked these out and they are looooovely) hand rolled butter, country ham and the freshest of milk straight from a farm in Kentucky. And look! They even have chocolate cows! Ok no not really but where else will you find farm fresh CHOCOLATE milk made with real chocolate?

You can also get some hot boiled peanuts.
 I have never tried these but I hear they are "all the rave".

Fresh baked bread. Hurry though, this stuff goes quick. 

You can also browse an assortment of organic teas and holistic skin care products from
Anya's European Choice Holistic Health & Beauty.

On your way out be sure to pick up some kitchen cutlery and supplies.

So be sure to give Don Davis a visit and pick up some fresh produce. 
current store hours:
Mon-Sat 8-5:30
 615-451-9328 or 615-888-6486
Tell him Amber sent ya!

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Amber D. McNabb


Short and Sweet

I had wanted to complete March's art for Haiti today, but it is still very much a work in progress. This one is taking a bit more time because it happens to be a painting of one of the sweetest little Haitian faces under a red sunbonnet that I have ever seen .......so it requires a bit more of a gentle touch.
And that concludes tonights' short and sweet post about a painting of a short and sweet little girl.

Amber D. McNabb


Spring one, Spring two and Spring three

We have had some absolutely beautiful weather here in Tennessee for the first days of Spring. I drove to our local park yesterday and saw this beautiful tree all bloomed out and just had to snap some photos. I didn't have my camera with me but my cell phone was happy to do the job. Amazing the photos these tiny gadgets will take. This one turned out so well I had to take two more. I call them Spring one and Spring two and Spring three. (In honor of Dr. Seuss)

All this Springy-ness makes me feel like I am blooming to life too-with a little Spring in my step. Pun intended.
Join me tomorrow to see March's Art for Haiti.
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Amber D. McNabb


Enter to Win!

Ms. Jan of the Jewelry4Change Blog posted a lovely review about me and Color Of Dawn Creations! You should pop in over there and check it out. While you are there, you can -> enter to win <- this lovely necklace. The contest ends on March 23 so get yourself on over there now ya hear? 
Thank you Ms. Jan!

~Amber D. McNabb


Magic Umbrellas

No, it is not raining. What you see here is a great day to catch some wind. The Rileyman patiently waits for that next gust of wind and ....

You really should try this. It's Awesome fun.

Speaking of wind :
from Color Of Dawn Creations

And did someone say "rain"?
from Color Of Dawn Creations

Happy Friday!

~Amber D. McNabb


The Story Of P. Draggy-Puffy's Cousin

Once upon a time there was a blue dragon.

(Rileyman: "WAIT...Mommy we should make our dragon look more scary-er"
Mommy: "No I like how our dragon is kinda friendly and cute"
Rileyman: "Oh so he is Puff the Magic Dragon?"
Mommy: "Nah. More like Puffy's cousin.....P. Draggy"
Rileyman "Oh...cool")
continuing on........

P. Draggy likes to fly around snacking on red flowers.

And for dessert he enjoys the sweet fruit of a sparkle tree.

All this eating makes him quite thirsty so he goes home to sip on his dish of water from the pink river.

P. Draggy is feeling tired now so he begins to fluff up his nest for a nice nap.

Nighty night P. Draggy.

Amber D. McNabb 
The Rileyman