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Riley Pumpkin Seed

It's pumpkin painting time! This weekend The little guy and I went out to Bradley Kountry Acres to pick up our first load of pumpkins to be painted and sold this year. Click here and here to see some of last year's pumpkins. Mike and Cathy Bradley are the sweetest people and they have been supplying me with pumpkins for the last several years. They also have fresh vegetables, beautiful gourds, and Fall flowers so if you need some farm fresh goodness click on their business name above and then head out into the beautiful country. win-win. While we were there, Riley decided that he needed a few of his own pumpkins. He picked one to cut open and one to perhaps make pie with. Last Friday was Johnny Appleseed Day at school and now he is more passionate than ever about planting seeds. So here is a pumpkin seed planting tutorial via Riley McNabb. First you must have a pumpkin. Any pumpkin will do. We do not know the correct name for this variety of white pumpkin so it has been dubbed "the cotton candy". Now cut open your pumpkin like so and remove the top exposing all the seeds surrounded by lots of wonderfully yucky goooo.

Next you must scoop out all the seeds and goooo. Set pumpkin aside for later.

Then begin your task of separating all the seeds from the goooo.

And here we have a pile of goooo. You don't need this stuff. Yuck.

THIS is what you need! Glorious glorious pumpkin seeds! Yay!

Now find some old planters laying around the house. It's even OK to use old Easter Egg planters or little plastic cups. You can decorate them for Fall later. Fill them with dirt and water and plant your seeds. We planted two at a time.

Now apply Fall decorations to your planters and pumpkin such as the stickers and embellishments shown here sent by Gramma Roses.

Be sure to come back and see the finished painting of Matilde. Shown below, it only has its first layers of color. Many more layers will be added so it will be beautiful, bright, and joyful just like the people of Haiti. The painting will be put up for sale and all moneys will be sent to benefit the people and children of Haiti who continue to be in desperate need following a massive earthquake on January 12, 2010.


Happy 20th Anniversary of your 30th Birthday!

Here are the beautiful nieces of Ms. Pam P. in Tennessee. (my rhyme for the day) She asked that I make a portrait of them for her sister-in-law who celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday. I barely made the deadline by the hair of my chinny chin chin which unfortunately I do have a hair on my chin.( click to: read my whisker post ) but I digress...... the portrait was finished and delivered just in time and I sure do hope that Pam's sister in law had the most wonderful 20th Anniversary of her 30th Birthday.

Thank you Pam P in Tenneessee!