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And The Floods Came

Here in middle Tennessee we have gotten used to being hit by tornados each year (as used to that as you can get) but never in our wildest dreams did we expect to be under water. Here are some photos of what we have been dealing with since the rains began May 1st. Here are some of my neighbors in Sumner County being rescued by boat to "dry" land.

My family was fortunate enough to not have the flood waters rise into our home. We had a close call, water barely an inch from entering the house until a fence gave way down the street and the water backed away from the door. We have roof damage and the rains came through into the baby room and front bathroom. Relentless downpours like I have never seen. Out at the the family farm a dam of uprooted trees, limbs and debris built up against the bridge leading into the property thirty feet long and ten feet deep. Even so, we are blessed. These people lost everything. Some lost their lives.

The streets of Nashville as rescue boats patrol the streets for people who need help.

Here is my company's downtown office. Lucky for me my home office is just on the outskirts of Nashville. My office was not flooded but we were surrounded and it took me an hour and a half to get to work (when it normally takes just 15) trying to find a route that was not under water.

The inside of the Opryland Hotel. All is lost. They do not expect to be able to re-open until at least Christmas. And below, next to the Opryland Hotel, is the Oprymills Mall and Jeneral Jackson.

Cars and small buildings floated away.
More of downtown Nashville.

Music City Star Train Station

As of today, the water has receded and everyone is now trying to clean up, salvage what they can and help their neighbors. Here in middle TN we are all family. A community of people, volunteers, always willing to work together and help one another.