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From the desk of Color Of Dawn.....

.......are a lot of partially finished projects. All of which I had intention to finish up this weekend, photograph, and upload to the Etsy shop. But there's nothin' like a misbehavin' teenager and an extremely busy preschooler to keep me side tracked. Oh well, children are only young once and crafts are forever right? siiiiigh......


MARY! At last we are together again!

For those of you that remember how utterly bummed I was when the Mary Engelbreit Magazine was being canceled, have I got some news for you!!! I'm obviously way behind because, only just yesterday, I discovered she has a BLOG. And a WEBSITE ! Where you can sign up for her newsletter. Which is WONDERFUL! Especially for those of us jonezing for our ME Mag! Here is a little snippet of ME art that completely describes yours truly. Cept I have curly red hair and "slightly" rounder um........features:

And here is a "just because" pic of my little guy enjoying some arts and crafts time today. This makes my heart shine with joy:


Before and After


You have no idea how awesome this feels. Now I can peacefully get to working on my art and craft projects. That is after I take care of the little boy who had this surgery to repair his arm that was destroyed in a football game Friday night. MY BABY!


SHOP'S OPEN!......if I remember correctly......

Well I've done it. I've finally opened shop after slackin' all summer. I am once again open for portrait orders but everything else in my shop is the same as it was when I closed up in June. I haven't made anything new yet but I have had all these WONDERFUL ideas! Problem is, I can't remember what they are. Just like Ms Kathy from A Cozy Life, I am just going to have to break down and get a notebook to jot down my ideas so I wont forget them. Well, I will definitely forget them but at least I will have written them down.....if I don't forget to write them down. yeeeesh. Now if you don't mind, please click the picture below of my Halloween glass bottles and make a purchase-kids love them!