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A Moment for YourSELF~Find Your Edge

"No one who has achieved greatness got there by following an easy path laid out by others. She did it by creating her own vision and striving to achieve, then surpass it. Now that the lazy days of summer are behind you, it's time to renew your focus. Think about what you want to accomplish, set a goal, and taker a step toward it every day. You are standing on the brink of something spectacular." ~SELF Magazine (Sept. 2011 issue)

If you do not have the Sept 2011 issue of SELF magazine and you are looking for some positive inspiration, I HIGHLY recommend  getting to the nearest market and purchasing it. It is full of thought provoking questions about where you are in your life, what you have achieved, and where to go from here with specific goals in mind. As I read, I began to think about where I am ~ I am currently at one of those big "change of life" crossroads with a child "all growed up" and off to college to begin a new chapter of his own. 
 I realize for the first time, with a great feeling of accomplishment, that I have achieved one of my greatest goals; to do everything in my power to give this child all that he needs to be able to thrive in this world when he sets off on his own. Of course I share this accomplishment with my husband and our wonderfully supportive families. My job is by far not over but the goals have taken slight turns and there are new ones as I take a step back and allow him fulfill his own. I will always be here for this beautiful and amazing fella when he calls home from college, gets that first job, finds a wife, brings home my grand-babies..........
Devyn McNabb, Carson Newman College

Let's not get too far ahead. We have plenty of time for marriage and grand-babies!
Getting back to positive inspiration and goal setting, as the above quote says, it is time to renew my focus. Maybe set a few personal goals. I have my pen and paper ready. 
Dear Color Of Dawn Creations, 
I believe we are "standing on the brink of something spectacular".

Have a very blessed Sunday.
~Amber D. McNabb