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The Frog Whisperer

Well, my hubby made good on his promise to take the little one out and give me some alone time and now I once again have a spot to sit down and play....er I mean work.

Next, I have to tackle this:

And then this.......and this one scares me:

The very first thing I did with my shiny clean workspace is to make a frog aquarium for my little guy out of an old plant container that contained a sort of Venus fly trap:

The little guy exclaimed to me "Mommy, I am a frog whisperer". If you have ever watched Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, this would crack you up....even more. I just love this kid.

"Hewwo, I wehabiwitate fwogs, I twain peopohw"


  1. You are the best mom ever... from race tracks to frog aquariums...
    I can come help you sometime just give me notice so I can get sitters for the girls.Todds home on Sundays. My question is however why is there potting soil and is that concrete mixed in with your craft stuff.. LOL

  2. Aw, makes me wish I still had my little aquarium frog. So cute. And your craft area looks like mine! Someday I'll tackle it. :oP