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Life is good......

Fall is almost here and I am feeling the urge to re-enter the blogging world. Kind of funny though. I was looking back at previous posts and found it was in August of last year that I made my very first entry. Something about this time of year that wakes me up inside and makes me want to create. I LOVE the Fall. But not to get too ahead of myself, it has been an eventful summer. We took the boys and ourselves to Myrtle Beach for the very first time:

And the hubby and I just celebrated our 17th Anniversary. Kuddos to us.

My Etsy shop has been closed for the summer. I needed a break and needed some time to relax for the summer and settle into my new job which I continue to LOVE very much. God has blessed me, yes he has. And on another note, I have periodically kept up with reading posts of my fellow blogsters and see that even though I have been gone for 4+ months, I still have the honor of being on Lulu's list. Thanks Lu, hope your visit with your Mamma is a fun and memorable one. And Also Devyn's page. I still LOVE your designs!

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  1. sweetie - just saw this, and OF COURSE you're on my list!!