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Custom Personalized Photo Ornaments and Cyber Monday Sales!

These are my new Etsy Store Listings. Custom Personalized Wooden Photo Ornaments. I am so proud of how they turned out. They are just so pretty. Perfect for baby's 1st Christmas, gifts for the grandparents, newlyweds and couples gifts and keepsakes. You can find them in my shop if you just click HERE. Plus, everything in the store is 15% off until midnight tonight with coupon code: COLORFULSALES2010.
 It's Cyber Monday yall! WOOOHOO! Go-Shop-Save! 

Also, to add to my excitement, These ormaments have been featured in an Etsy Treasury titled
Cyber Monday Gifts created by JamisyJo on Etsy. If you go to her shop full of lovely handmades you might pick up a treasure such as this Felt Owl Wall Hanging
And boy do we love owls!
Happy Shopping!
~Amber D. McNabb


Lift We Up Our Hearts Oh Lord

This photo was taken in one of my favorite area's of my father's land. So much a favorite in fact that I named it "Amber's Way" and that name has stuck ever since. SO beautiful. This is a first in something I have wanted to do with my photos. I love quotes and hymns of inspiration. I wanted to share with you on this beautiful Sunday morning.
Blessings to you,
~Amber D McNabb


Constantly Elfing Around

Holiday crafting is SO on at the house of Color Of Dawn Creations. As I stated in this morning's facebook fan page post, "Working like a busy elf to prepare for "Cyber Monday" ---and from all glistening glitter that is absolutely everywhere, I look as though I have been "having relations" with a magic Christmas fairy."

If you aren't a fan yet, well then click my link on the left of this page and head on over to "like" me. You DO like me DON'T you? Eh-heh..... But as I was saying, I've been elfing around so much today that I am still in my pajamas and have not yet had lunch and it is almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon! It probably doesn't help that my computer is uber-slow which makes it really difficult to upload images to the computer, edit the images and then create listings in my ETSY SHOP. But I must go on! Cyber Monday is almost here and I want to be prepared. Here are a few more things recently uploaded.

Happy Cybershopping!
~Amber D. McNabb



Hoo Hoo Who's There?

Go to grab a bottle of water at our house and you just may find some hootie owls nesting in there. A few weeks ago my bes'buddy Amy and the Rileyman's bes'buddy Cade came over to do a little crafting.
I had prepared for the perfect Owl Family project that I found on The Frugal Family Fun Blog because Mr. Cade is an Owl enthusiast extraordinaire. In case you were wondering, these cute little guys are made from paper towel and toilet paper rolls cut to size.
Super easy and super cute and super versatile since you can use just about anything to decorate them with. Paint, papers, markers, googlies, feathers...you name it.
All four of us had fun making these cute little guys.

And then Cade and Amy came up with the most wonderful idea for an owl Photo Shoot.

And they perched PERFECTLY on the branches of my forsythia bush!

So perfect in fact that we brought the forsythia bush branches inside for the perfect place to park our owls when they need their rest.
Another fun fun fun day of crafting! And many more to come.
Thank you for visiting!
~Amber D. McNabb


God Sheltered Me From The Storm

It seems as though my life has been in a wild storm for the last few months and I have been in a losing battle trying to weather it.  I sure lost sight of the one thing, the only one that can give me peace. God. The storm came to a gradual halt when, in the middle of a tragedy, I was placed out in the country, by myself for a few days.This was the first time in my life that I have ever been completely by myself, without humans I mean. And in those few days of silence with nature and God, I began to feel peace once again. Even though this critter tried with all her cuteness to steal my delicious and nutritious ravioli lunch. Don't even think about it kitty meow.   
This was one critter of many that I was caring for. My best companions during those days of solace were dogs. (God spelled backward....coincidence? I think not) Three of them. Spencer, Teeter and Bailey. And they seemed to know I needed them as much as they needed me. We took care of each other.

Here we are on one of our treks out into the back woods. 
Bailey on the left, Spencer on the right.
Spencer on the left, Teeter on the right.
Spencer again. Sshh. He will always be my favorite sweet buddy.
This is where Bailey's little legs gave out. It's driving the four wheeler for him with me for the rest of the way. Specially since we were headed to the top of the hill.
And what a gorgeous view it was. They knew it. Bailey and Spencer sat there taking in the view and seemingly waiting on the sunset. Teeter was off running as usual.
Oh here she is.
Ok ok my turn.
There is little more that quiets the soul than the beauty of nature and woMan's best friend. while out on our nature treks I gathered some of that nature and tried my hand at "flower" arranging.
                                         And before I left, I made some art to leave behind.
The technique was inspired by Laura Kelley of Pitter Patter Art. A beautiful and talented artist. This world would be truly blessed if we all had even half the energy, drive and FAITH of this amazing young lady.
~Amber D. McNabb