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Hannah & Jonathan

I have made a new discovery about myself as a portrait artist. I cannot draw freckles. This is Hannah............ ........and she has the sweetest, softest freckles gracing her little nose, and a few splished and splashed here and there on her cheeks and forehead. If I were her Mamma, I would be telling her stories that they are from the Angels giving her sweet kisses before she left Heaven as a baby. I tried drawing those freckles. I drew and erased. Drew and erased. And drew and erased. Either I need some lessons on freckle drawing, or it is impossible to recreate on paper the image of Angelic kisses. Thankfully, her Mamma said it was ok to leave them out of her portrait. They know she has the sweet freckle-kisses.
And here is Jonathan................. ........a very handsome young man. I'm guessing he is about the age of my handsome young man. As I drew him, I wondered if his Mamma is going through the same emotions as I am this year. My young man is going to be a high school Senior. I look back at his baby pictures and wonder where in the world the time went . I want to reach into my photos and hold my little guy all over again. When I look at my handsome guy now, almost "all growed up" , I look with amazement and pride and awe that I had anything at all to do with the creation of that beautiful being. I bet Jonathan's Mamma and I have that in common.


Teddy Bears, Sweet Kiddo Portraits & My Anniversary

This weekend is a busy one. I have so many projects going at once but Art is what makes me happy so I am one happy girl! There has been a slight kink in the plans however. I finally finished this watercolor for sweet little Houston's room. Ms Sonya LOVES it.......only his middle name is misspelled. AAaaaK! Reece is supposed to be Reese....with an "s". So I have been trying to correct the misspelling without ruining the paper. It is a timely and delicate process but it can be definitely be done. I'll fix it baby Houston I promise!
And here is what the rest of my studio is looking like. 5 portraits in the works at the same time. Two of them almost done. And these three little girls are still in the beginning stages and looking quite like little cartoon cuties.

I have been working away today but now the hubby has pulled my away from my work/play. You see, today is our 18th wedding anniversary. wooohooo for us! And it's looking like it might be a special romantical dinner night ........and possibly a movie. I'm feeling pretty proud and blessed this weekend.


Sing With The Passion Of A Child

Another lazy Sunday almost gone. When I'm creating art, I like to turn off the TV, play some music and block out all the distractions. I spose that's why I do my best work at night when everyone's asleep or on a quiet weekend when everyone is off doing their own thing. I can get in the Zone and let my thoughts drift. Today a song came on that reminded me of my sweet niece, Kennady. She LOVES to sing. As a matter of fact she loves to sing so much that EVERY song that comes on the radio is her favorite song and she will proceed to sing aloud, not a care in the world who's listening, occasionally hitting a wrong note but just continues to blissfully sing.

~God, please let me be more like my precious niece and learn to sing with abandon. -Amber

These are my thoughts as I finished this portrait today.


The Fluffy One

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
~Ben Williams

1000 Watt Smile

How this little fella manages to pack that 1000 watt smile into his tiny sweet face I don't know but he sure does. And if only you could see these two in color, they have the most mesmerizing pale blue eyes I have ever seen.


What Sucks My Mojo into Nojo?

At the real job, we have a book club. We recently completed a book on Mojo. I am in the discovery phase of finding what in life sucks my Mojo in to Nojo. So far I have discovered that TV and endless internet surfing suck my Mojo. If I watched less TV and stopped surfing the net so much for useless information, I would have more of my vegetative brain cells working together to create things like this:

As it is, I can no longer focus on any one task. I am a chronic multitasker. Perhaps multitasking also sucks my Mojo too? To build my Mojo, I need to get these things in check so that I can focus....and channel that focus on the things in life that are most important to me. Like God, family, friends, art, gardening and dreaming.


Two Months & My House Is Still Broke

It's been a little more than two months since the flood. We finally have a new roof and the repairs for the water damage to the inside are almost complete. It has been a long, exhausting, maddening nightmare dealing with our crap choice of construction companies but thank goodness it's almost over. I've had a bit of time to work on a few portraits. And now that our repairs are about complete and my hair is no longer falling out by the curly handfuls from the stress of it, I have many more portraits in the works. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Posting/reading/and when did we get new templates? I've been disconnected for way too long!!!