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Three chikin hens, two turtle doves........

Oh alright alright! I LOVE Christmas! (AFTER Thanksgiving) Every last-fresh cut smell good tree- Santa ho ho ho- reindeer-twinkly light-home made cookie aroma- you'll shoot your eye out-twinkle lighted moment of every magic filled day leading up to that one special-Oh Holy Night-happy birthday Jesus candle light ceremony-present under the tree morning-adore that feel good feeling of being with your sweet family--day. It's a struggle to keep the magic and true meaning of the season alive in my heart but a struggle I fight for with every inch of my being. There's no way the worldly selfish materialistic commercial tainted scrooge humbug is going to get me down. And how can it when the toddler is singing:

"on da fouwath day of Chwistmas my twue wuv gave to me fouwa cawwing birwds fweee CHIKIN HENS two turwtle doves and a pawtwidge in a pearwah twee"
um....CHIKIN hens? LOL


ready for WHAT?.........

So are you ready for Valentines Day? I have been basking in the glory of the the Fall season, refusing to follow anything commercial or do any sort of shopping besides grocery and especially avoiding Walmart because its been Christmas even before Halloween out there! Even my customers say on a daily basis "are you ready for Christmas?" and my response is "ready for what?" and they seem to get the hint. I am so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am surrounded by Fall decor and I still have unraked leaves in my front yard and I am ready for family and spending a day being thankful for my many blessings. I think maybe this year I will put a twist on the commercialism and skip Christmas, only pausing to say Happy Birthday Jesus, and go straight for Valentine's Day. I'm a rebel like that.


How to rake leaves..........

Dig rake out of shed, fashion leaves into a a large loop-d-loop track, play for hours on your souped up country boy all terrain tricycle. Have Mommy stop in various places pretending to be the gas station, fast food joint and drive thru ice cream shop. That will be twenty two-six dollas and eleventeen cents. Thank you and have a good day.


Toothpaste on my hoohoo.............

Working in the financial world, I got today off for Veteran's Day. A day at home with the toddler and anything is bound to happen. ANYTHING. So today I found him in the bathroom with a tube of toothpaste that the teenager forgot to put away. There was an overpowering minty smell in the bathroom but only a small speck of toothpaste on his cheek. I cleaned him up, hoped that he didn't eat too much toothpaste and sent him off to play with more appropriate things....the bathroom still smelling quite potently minty. Ah well. And I was off to enjoy some more of my day. I found out where the minty aroma was coming from when later I returned to the bathroom to make a tinkle. After I wiped-my netherregions caught on fire. Or froze. Or no .....it was icy hot! HOLY MARY MOTHER OF PEARL!!!! Apparently the toddler wiped his toothpasty fingers off on the roll of toilet paper. Let me tell you no amount of water or cleansing can help this situation. If you ever, for some freak reason, get toothpaste on your "hoohoo" you will just have to wait it out till the icy-hot wears off! On the upside.......my husband raised an eyebrow when I told him my "hoohoo" was minty fresh. Hmmmmmmm..................


Enter to Win!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone that entered and posted comments!

I am considering opening up a new Etsy Shop and giving my Custom Children and Pet Glam Portraits their own spot and calling it "ColorOfDawnPortraits". I believe they get kinda lost within the eclectic craftiness of ColorOfDawnCreations. Check out my shop and tell me if you think this is a good idea, perhaps leave some advice on having a second shop, and you will be entered to win this Decorative Potpourri Box. The winner will be chosen Tuesday night, Nov. 11th at 10:00pm CST.

Leave them be.................

I see everyone around me busy raking leaves and it makes me sad. They have just barely had a chance to fall and they are still full of vibrant reds oranges and yellows. Oh I know you should rake your leaves by winter but cant we just let them be until they begin turning brown and colorless? I'll sweep my walkways but I love looking out the window and seeing all that beautiful color in the trees AND on the ground. It makes me feel like it truly is the Fall season and makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. So I vow to let my leaves be until at least after the seamingly forgotten Thanksgiving Holiday. And then I will dutifully rake them into a HUGE pile and spend the day playing in them with my guys. That's the best way to mulch your leaves in my opinion. Then I'll distribute them to the gardens and thank my God above for giving us such a wonderful thing as leaves. Sprouting the prettiest of green in the Spring, giving us Summer shade, amazing explosions of color in the fall and blankets of warmth and nutrients for our gardens in the winter. So to all of you raking away the wonderous colors to hurriedly slap your Christmas decorations in the yard WAY before it's time, I will soak up every last minute of the glorious color that surrounds me.



To be a master means to be powerful. The one who is a master, is never influenced negatively by situations or people. He never reacts to situations or people. He is able to recognize and understand the need and fill in with what is missing. So there is the ability to respond positively and effectively. When we have the consciousness of being a master, we are powerfully in control of situations and people. We are thus able to be beyond the influence of superficial and negative situations. We thus experience the true beauty and richness of each and every moment.~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.


Tree Hugger Halloween

Halloween is over! Its been a loooong Halloween season for me somehow. But now I'm switching gears for the rest of the Holiday season. My creative juices are really flowing and I'm excited to get started on some new project ideas I have floating around in my head. And the greatest thing about this weekend is I have an extra hour to play! Woohoo! Don't forget to set your clocks back. And speaking of creative juices, this year I do believe I may have come up with the most unique costume yet. I was a Weeping Willow. And my husband was appropriately ----------a tree hugger.