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Not a lot of crafting going on in my house lately but the comedy still plays on. So I'll share that with you. First I must tell you how "the toddler", though he's big enough now to park himself on the potty, he still needs a bit of assistance when he's done. I know he's done when I hear this phrase ringing loudly through the house "MOOOOMMY! I'M WEADY TO WIIIIIPE!". Lately he has tried to be helpful by pulling off half the roll of toilet paper and giving it to me as I enter the room. He's a good little helper. So I have been explaining to him, as I re-roll the unnecessary paper, the importance of not being wasteful and how he only needs a little bit of toilet paper cause he only has a little booty. So now when I answer his call, he hands me the perfect little bit of toilet paper just right to clean his little booty. But tonight he had to add the comedy. I answered his call and walked into the bathroom and he looked up at me proudly exclaiming "wook Mommy I onwy got a wittow bit-fo my wittow booty!" So I praised him saying "oh wow I'm so proud! And you didn't waste any paper!" to which he replied "yeah and when I gwo up I can use BIG BOOTY toiyette paypah!"


  1. nice.

    i, too, have explained the importance of not wasting tp to my toddler.

    she now helps by tearing off what she feels is appropriate. a piece that's smaller than my pinky nail.


  2. lol.youhave such a great blog and etsy shop.Thankd for sharing.

  3. How adorable. I am in the process of potty training my daughter.. so I feel your pain.

  4. awww! I can't wait until my little lady is ready to use the potty!!

  5. I missed you! And your booty....talk. I don't really know your booty well enough to miss it but the blogs, well yeah!


  6. Awwwww that's so cute!! I love the hear what little minds come up with.

  7. aWWWW how cute is our little Riley

    Now you just have to look forward to him tearing you off some paper and announce in the public restroom that you need a lot for your bigggg booty....
    That was a priceless moment in my life. Only to walk out to two teenage girls laughing uncontrollably...
    But hey its all good.....
    He is adorable.