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Who Miracle Growed My Arse?

I have been without a camera for about a year now. All my kid's photos have been taken by friends and family and my lovely camera phone. ALL of the photos in my ETSY shop have been taken by camera phone and painstakingly computer edited to look presentable. But just a few days ago I finally bought a camera. A digital one! My very first digital camera. But I still love you my nonworking soooperzoom 35mm! Now I must take on the task of learning to work the new Canon 8.0 magapixel 4xOptical zoom Powershot camera and figure out how to upload all the photos to computer and such. Problem is, I have become a firm believer that my brain has reached full capacity and in order to enter new info, I must sacrifice some old info to make room. I think this is the reason that the older I get, the stupider I get (see? stupider isn't even a word...is it?) Anyhoo, I look forward to becoming a master at this digital camera thing. It certainly seems to be capturing the most vibrant, clear pictures I have ever taken. And I hope that the information I am sacrificing from my brain to make room isn't all that important like....say......maybe I could loose the knowledge that I have a giant arse? That would be awesome. To walk around completely oblivious to the fact that the thing behind me just keeps growing and growing like someone poured miracle grow on it.

Gosh this ice cream is good. And all the scrumptious little cookies crumbled up inside too.


  1. Lol, your title made me laugh!

    Have fun with your new gadget, I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time! :0)

  2. LOL, that is just too funny!!!
    I love the title.

  3. I bought the Canon Powershot 8 megapix camera about six weeks ago and it rocks! It does a take a bit to figure it out but you will really like it -

  4. the problem - if i may be so bold to say - is the ice cream you're eating. with crumbled cookies. that's all sugar.

    what you need to do is add protein. so next time, instead of crumbled cookies, add bacon into the ice cream. ham is ok, too.