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Romantic Conversations......

Heading to the back of the house to say goodnight to the hubby who goes to bed at a time when normal people do. I walk to the side of the bed to give him kisses:

HUBBY: "Hi. Did you know that women in Mexico have sex on average 45 min at a time? And women in Greece have sex on average 130 times a year?

ME: "Really? They must be housewives and stay at home Moms. I would scrub the hell out of some toilets to be able to stay at home. Spit shine them even."

HUBBY: "I have something for you to spit shine."

ME: "Speaking of bodily fluids I am getting tired of cleaning them up around here, the baby missing the potty, hairballs in the floor and I think the dog just yacked on the sofa"

HUBBY: "I've got some bodily fluids for ya"

ME: ".................................good-night"


  1. wow that sounds like the exact conversation I had with TOdd....

  2. lolol... that's hilarious... sounds like something..my SO would say...

  3. that's romantic. much more so than "hey, you, let's go".