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Free Lovin'

Slipping back into the blogging world pretending no one noticed I was "gone"................I have a confession. Tonight I began building a new store on a website called Shop Handmade. (I'm cheating on Etsy) I don't know why. I spose it's just my nature to not be able to keep things neat and tidy and in one place, no, I have to have all my sheeeit strewn all over the place. That's how I roll. I've only listed a few things so far and haven't spent a whole lot of time browsing as to how the site really works but the most important part is ITS TOTALLY FREE! I like free. Free is good. Like the other night when my friend, Hannah, and I went to the mall and got some awesome hydro-massages on a buy one get one free promo, followed by free scent ports at Bath & Body Works and free cappuccinos at Barnes & Noble. Free ROCKS! I am once again addicted to searching online for freebies and coupons.Woohoo!


  1. dude. you've just been free as a bird, haven't you?

  2. missed you! let us know how your new shop goes. i'm going to check out that site.