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Happy Chrisoweenmas.....where's the Pepto?

Currently nursing a sick baby........although it's one of the last things I want to have to do as a Mommy, it's one of the things that I do as a Mommy that makes me feel like....a Mommy. To be holding a limp little body with a horribly sick tummy, helping him get through this unpleasant part of childhood I truly feel how he needs me and wants me and depends on me to be with him and make him all better. After his last bout of sick tummy-ness I was holding his head, gently cleaning his face, when he looked at me with appreciative sick little eyes, gave me a partial dimpled smile and began singing to me, "pwudolph da wed nosed weigndeah...had a vewy shiney nose....." It was the sweetest and most comical part of my day. I sat there and enjoyed his gift of song...and then promptly began trying to bring down the fever-which I'm sure was the cause of the Christmas Carol from out of nowhere in the middle of the Halloween season.

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  1. Or your son could be like my husband who I will catch listening to Christmas music during any time of the year. He absolutely adores the Christmas season and everything about it!