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Snow Day Fun!-(kid craft idea)

Every winter, kids and adults everywhere get all crazy excited about the first snow! They are rushing out for those snowball fights, making snow angels, snowmen and sledding. But there comes a time when being outside in the freezing cold isn't exactly all that fun any more and you've been whopped in the face a few too many times with a snowball and the novelty of laughing at the kids bundled up so warm that they can't put their arms down .......wait...no that part never gets old but I digress.....there comes a time when you just want to be inside where it's warm. So why not bring the snow inside?

We scooped up a bucket of snow and used the top of a large Rubbermaid container for a work table because it keeps all the melting snow from going everywhere. Playing with snow like this is much like playing with sand making sandcastles so any kind of cups and containers work well for making snow packed creations.

You can use lots of things like pipe cleaners and colorful buttons and such for decorations.

Don't forget to take lots of sweet pictures for your scrap books and photo albums!

Huh? wait no....this is wrong......this is terribly wrong.


(The best part is that you can keep your creations in the freezer like so....)

Make the most of your snow days! We sure seem to be having a LOT of them this year.
~Amber D. McNabb

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  1. What a fun day! This is something my kids never got to do since we live in Southern California.