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Candle Campfires and Earthy Soaps

As Spring draws nearer and nearer, we are getting that urge for campfires. Weenie roasts followed by marshamallow roasts with s'mores to be exact. In the blustery cold of winter, we have discovered how to bring this sort of activity indoors. Well, at least the marshmallow roasting. Ladies and gentlemen, the Rileyman and I bring you the candle campfire with mini marshmallows on a skewer.

As a note of safety, it is best to soak your skewers in water beforehand and  and have bowls of water and a large wet towel nearby.

Candle campfire marshmallows catch fire just like the big ones and somehow more easily.   

But they are still delicious just the same!!!! 

On another note: there is a new listing for Shining Hope Soap for Haiti in the Etsy Shop today.

This is a generous helping of luxurious hand-milled soap with nourishng olive and sweet almond oils that attract moisture to the skin. Blueberry seeds have been added for gentle exfoliation. This soap will leave your skin feeling so soft and supple! With a fresh citrus scent and earthy hints of sage, it is a hit with the ladies, men and kiddos. An all around family choice of soaps. Each bar is approx 4.5oz.
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Happy Friday!!!!!

~Amber D. McNabb

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  1. I LOVE your candle campfire - you can bring the candles over to the firepit any time - we'll have the 'shmallows!