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What Sucks My Mojo into Nojo?

At the real job, we have a book club. We recently completed a book on Mojo. I am in the discovery phase of finding what in life sucks my Mojo in to Nojo. So far I have discovered that TV and endless internet surfing suck my Mojo. If I watched less TV and stopped surfing the net so much for useless information, I would have more of my vegetative brain cells working together to create things like this:

As it is, I can no longer focus on any one task. I am a chronic multitasker. Perhaps multitasking also sucks my Mojo too? To build my Mojo, I need to get these things in check so that I can focus....and channel that focus on the things in life that are most important to me. Like God, family, friends, art, gardening and dreaming.

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your work! I started out a portrait artist and am hoping to get back into it very soon. Thanks for visiting my way!