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Hannah & Jonathan

I have made a new discovery about myself as a portrait artist. I cannot draw freckles. This is Hannah............ ........and she has the sweetest, softest freckles gracing her little nose, and a few splished and splashed here and there on her cheeks and forehead. If I were her Mamma, I would be telling her stories that they are from the Angels giving her sweet kisses before she left Heaven as a baby. I tried drawing those freckles. I drew and erased. Drew and erased. And drew and erased. Either I need some lessons on freckle drawing, or it is impossible to recreate on paper the image of Angelic kisses. Thankfully, her Mamma said it was ok to leave them out of her portrait. They know she has the sweet freckle-kisses.
And here is Jonathan................. ........a very handsome young man. I'm guessing he is about the age of my handsome young man. As I drew him, I wondered if his Mamma is going through the same emotions as I am this year. My young man is going to be a high school Senior. I look back at his baby pictures and wonder where in the world the time went . I want to reach into my photos and hold my little guy all over again. When I look at my handsome guy now, almost "all growed up" , I look with amazement and pride and awe that I had anything at all to do with the creation of that beautiful being. I bet Jonathan's Mamma and I have that in common.


  1. They look amazing! I never knew freckles could be so difficult to draw, but sometimes the things that seem simple are really not. They both turned out beautifully!

  2. Yes Jonathan's Mamma and you have that in common. Don't know what in the world I will do when he tries to leave me. :-(

    Hannah is beautiful with or without the freckles, I know they are there, thats all that matters. :-)

    You did an excellent job Amber, I LOVE them!!!!