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Sing With The Passion Of A Child

Another lazy Sunday almost gone. When I'm creating art, I like to turn off the TV, play some music and block out all the distractions. I spose that's why I do my best work at night when everyone's asleep or on a quiet weekend when everyone is off doing their own thing. I can get in the Zone and let my thoughts drift. Today a song came on that reminded me of my sweet niece, Kennady. She LOVES to sing. As a matter of fact she loves to sing so much that EVERY song that comes on the radio is her favorite song and she will proceed to sing aloud, not a care in the world who's listening, occasionally hitting a wrong note but just continues to blissfully sing.

~God, please let me be more like my precious niece and learn to sing with abandon. -Amber

These are my thoughts as I finished this portrait today.

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