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Teddy Bears, Sweet Kiddo Portraits & My Anniversary

This weekend is a busy one. I have so many projects going at once but Art is what makes me happy so I am one happy girl! There has been a slight kink in the plans however. I finally finished this watercolor for sweet little Houston's room. Ms Sonya LOVES it.......only his middle name is misspelled. AAaaaK! Reece is supposed to be Reese....with an "s". So I have been trying to correct the misspelling without ruining the paper. It is a timely and delicate process but it can be definitely be done. I'll fix it baby Houston I promise!
And here is what the rest of my studio is looking like. 5 portraits in the works at the same time. Two of them almost done. And these three little girls are still in the beginning stages and looking quite like little cartoon cuties.

I have been working away today but now the hubby has pulled my away from my work/play. You see, today is our 18th wedding anniversary. wooohooo for us! And it's looking like it might be a special romantical dinner night ........and possibly a movie. I'm feeling pretty proud and blessed this weekend.

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