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SHOP'S OPEN!......if I remember correctly......

Well I've done it. I've finally opened shop after slackin' all summer. I am once again open for portrait orders but everything else in my shop is the same as it was when I closed up in June. I haven't made anything new yet but I have had all these WONDERFUL ideas! Problem is, I can't remember what they are. Just like Ms Kathy from A Cozy Life, I am just going to have to break down and get a notebook to jot down my ideas so I wont forget them. Well, I will definitely forget them but at least I will have written them down.....if I don't forget to write them down. yeeeesh. Now if you don't mind, please click the picture below of my Halloween glass bottles and make a purchase-kids love them!


  1. Hope those notebooks of ideas work out for you. I have lists all over the place and when I am stuck for blogging or creative ideas they get me going again but they don't always help with my forgetfullness.

  2. LOve your HAlloween bottles! Too cute. I always carry a small sketchbook- It is a survival tactic with two little girls~ or I will forget everything. I am totally in need of a memory upgrade. ")Glad you are back!

  3. Oh I know the problem of forgetting too many ideas! :D Hopefully you'll find time soon to work them through.