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Before and After


You have no idea how awesome this feels. Now I can peacefully get to working on my art and craft projects. That is after I take care of the little boy who had this surgery to repair his arm that was destroyed in a football game Friday night. MY BABY!


  1. Oh girl, I know that is such a relief to get it all cleaned up. I can hear the angels singing! Your mojo will be in full swing soon!

    Hope Devyns doing well...he's a tough guy so I'm sure he's doing alright.
    Thanks so much for posting Devyns x-ray....you know I'm all about that! Sooooo cool!

  2. oh man. ouch. and when i say ouch, i mean o.u.c.h!

    also. good job with the cleaning. one day, i might clean. doubtful though.