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MARY! At last we are together again!

For those of you that remember how utterly bummed I was when the Mary Engelbreit Magazine was being canceled, have I got some news for you!!! I'm obviously way behind because, only just yesterday, I discovered she has a BLOG. And a WEBSITE ! Where you can sign up for her newsletter. Which is WONDERFUL! Especially for those of us jonezing for our ME Mag! Here is a little snippet of ME art that completely describes yours truly. Cept I have curly red hair and "slightly" rounder um........features:

And here is a "just because" pic of my little guy enjoying some arts and crafts time today. This makes my heart shine with joy:


  1. Awww...love it!
    The four of us need to have a craft day! Wait...six of us...Cade and Amy too!

  2. Hey, I have been looking & looking for that ME mag. Didn't know it was canceled! Thanks for letting us know about the blog.

  3. Hey AD, You are too funny. (the comment on my blog)

  4. teehee thank you Sue! And I have to say I'm glad I wasnt the only one in the dark about Mary Engelbreit. Gosh I miss my magazine!