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Farewell my Home Companion!

I recently got a notice in the mail that my subscription renewal to Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Magazine cannot be fulfilled because it is being discontinued. I am so sad. I am sososososososososososo sooo soooo SOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad. They are replacing it with the Martha Stewart Magazine. Eh. Siiiigh. Oh Martha, if only I loved your Magazine like I love my Home Companion but it does not even begin to compare. I'm sorry Martha I really am but I want my Home Companion.........sniffle. This sort of thing happens to me constantly like whenever we go to a restaurant specifically because I am craving something and they just happen to be out of the ONE item I am craving. This is an ongoing source of amusement for my husband because it seriously happens EVERYWHERE we go. Same for everything else. If I find a fragrance I like, they will discontinue it, a hair product, a lotion, a line of make-up......better not catch wind that I like it or they will take the sonoffagun off the market. By the way, Zaxby's no longer serves chicken salad. %$#@!!! But my Mary Engelbreit magazine? WHY MARY? WHY do you forsaketh me??I miss you already.


  1. Sadly, print media is dying. The internet took it on a few dates, bought it some drinks and then date-raped it.

  2. Wha? Maaan..you got me hooked on that chicken salad too! Okay, they probably pulled it out cuz I wasn't going much...at all. But I still loved it!

  3. I SOOOO feel your pain! I have almost every issue of this magazine, and that is only true of one other magazine in our house (SI Swimsuit issue for my husband...ehhh..whatever.) Anyway, the magazine was dropped early last fall by the publisher and they couldn't find another publisher.

    I didn't even get a notice that I wasn't getting the magazine - I just started receiving Martha Stewart. So not a fan either.

  4. I love ME magazine...this sucks big time. Martha Stewart is awful, what a poor substitute.

  5. i won't be discontinued. but if i am. i'll be sure to put in word to martha that she cannot replace me. she's already brought on enough heartache with her replacement actions.

    they took away my liver and onions plate at longhorn. seriously. i was not happy.