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Enter to Win!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone that entered and posted comments!

I am considering opening up a new Etsy Shop and giving my Custom Children and Pet Glam Portraits their own spot and calling it "ColorOfDawnPortraits". I believe they get kinda lost within the eclectic craftiness of ColorOfDawnCreations. Check out my shop and tell me if you think this is a good idea, perhaps leave some advice on having a second shop, and you will be entered to win this Decorative Potpourri Box. The winner will be chosen Tuesday night, Nov. 11th at 10:00pm CST.


  1. Cute shop! My favorite item is the painted gourd. Cute Cute!

  2. Hi there. I think you should create a second shop for you portraits. You do a great job!!

  3. I think you should definitely open a second shop since your portraits are such a different product from your other creations. I just opened a second shop to sell my supplies, but I don't have any specific advice just yet. Good luck!

  4. I have tried to have 2 shops and it takes too much time promoting...but if you want try it out and see what happens but keep your other work listed so people wont lose your shops favorites.

  5. I have been struggling a lot lately with deciding to open a 2nd shop too. I'm worried my original items, my best sellers, are getting lost, but I do love to list my art and other random fun things i make. I'm still trying to make a decision! :s