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Leave them be.................

I see everyone around me busy raking leaves and it makes me sad. They have just barely had a chance to fall and they are still full of vibrant reds oranges and yellows. Oh I know you should rake your leaves by winter but cant we just let them be until they begin turning brown and colorless? I'll sweep my walkways but I love looking out the window and seeing all that beautiful color in the trees AND on the ground. It makes me feel like it truly is the Fall season and makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. So I vow to let my leaves be until at least after the seamingly forgotten Thanksgiving Holiday. And then I will dutifully rake them into a HUGE pile and spend the day playing in them with my guys. That's the best way to mulch your leaves in my opinion. Then I'll distribute them to the gardens and thank my God above for giving us such a wonderful thing as leaves. Sprouting the prettiest of green in the Spring, giving us Summer shade, amazing explosions of color in the fall and blankets of warmth and nutrients for our gardens in the winter. So to all of you raking away the wonderous colors to hurriedly slap your Christmas decorations in the yard WAY before it's time, I will soak up every last minute of the glorious color that surrounds me.

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  1. I completely agree. Such beauty in leaves no matter the season, but fall is my favorite.