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Three chikin hens, two turtle doves........

Oh alright alright! I LOVE Christmas! (AFTER Thanksgiving) Every last-fresh cut smell good tree- Santa ho ho ho- reindeer-twinkly light-home made cookie aroma- you'll shoot your eye out-twinkle lighted moment of every magic filled day leading up to that one special-Oh Holy Night-happy birthday Jesus candle light ceremony-present under the tree morning-adore that feel good feeling of being with your sweet family--day. It's a struggle to keep the magic and true meaning of the season alive in my heart but a struggle I fight for with every inch of my being. There's no way the worldly selfish materialistic commercial tainted scrooge humbug is going to get me down. And how can it when the toddler is singing:

"on da fouwath day of Chwistmas my twue wuv gave to me fouwa cawwing birwds fweee CHIKIN HENS two turwtle doves and a pawtwidge in a pearwah twee"
um....CHIKIN hens? LOL


  1. kids make Christmas extremely fun with their thoughts and songs.

  2. Lovely post. It IS a wonderful time of year.

  3. you don't know what chikin hens are? dude. they're all the rage now. they're like the new webkins.