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ready for WHAT?.........

So are you ready for Valentines Day? I have been basking in the glory of the the Fall season, refusing to follow anything commercial or do any sort of shopping besides grocery and especially avoiding Walmart because its been Christmas even before Halloween out there! Even my customers say on a daily basis "are you ready for Christmas?" and my response is "ready for what?" and they seem to get the hint. I am so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am surrounded by Fall decor and I still have unraked leaves in my front yard and I am ready for family and spending a day being thankful for my many blessings. I think maybe this year I will put a twist on the commercialism and skip Christmas, only pausing to say Happy Birthday Jesus, and go straight for Valentine's Day. I'm a rebel like that.


  1. Hannah; I can't remember my google name! Ha!Wed Nov 26, 08:32:00 AM

    well...the stores are ready for you...yes, they are getting valentines stuff out.
    Kohl's had valentine outfits for the babies and hobby lobby was getting decorations out (think that's where I saw it) Mind you, they are pretty psyco on holidays..they get christmas out in like July. But; still love em though!
    Hey, thanks for posting! :) ttyl!

  2. dude. please don't go straight to valentine's day.

    january 21st is squirrel appreciation day. don't skip it. embrace it.