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Hearts, thyroids and critters...Oh my!

I've learned a lot about health lately. Like broken heart syndrome is a true medical condition. Lack of potassium in your blood can mess with your heart rhythm. And when your thyroid is not working properly, it can truly jack up your world...medically speaking. And while I have more medical testing and blood sucking to endure, Color Of Dawn Creations on Etsy will be closed and I will no longer be taking custom orders. But I still have little creative projects to keep my mind and fingers busy.

 I have some inspirational photo cards in the works  to raise money for my cousins Josh and Melissa in Romania.  

My new obsession for making Tree of Life pendants. It's like trimming bonsai trees. There are no rules. I channel my inner Mr Miyagi , free my mind and the trees just kind of take on their own shape.

Of course there is always The Rileyman to keep me busy with his daily comedy and critters of summer.

And then there is the book that I am illustrating that I am not allowed to talk about but I really want to talk about but I cannot talk about. Until January 2013 that is at which time I will fully explode with details! 

~Amber D. McNabb


  1. Love the verse you chose for that photo!

    1. Thanks you for suggesting the verse Courtney it's perfect!

  2. I absolutely love those pendants. Nice choice of beads.. simple and elegant!

    1. Thank you so much Tanya I really enjoy making them!