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Frogs and a giant water tank of LOVE.

You are looking at one happy HAPPY boy right now. It's "frog catching season".

Not long ago, our backyard came alive with the sounds of singing frogs. They sing songs of love as they gather  together at, what has been recently dubbed:

 "The Giant Water Tank Of LOVE" 

And such frog gatherings attract little boys with critter catching nets and a massive supply of critter tanks. 

The Rileyman comes by his love of frogs quite honestly. As a little girl I too had a passion for catching frogs and tadpoles in the Spring. 

My brothers and our friend Dylan used to rescue TONS of frogs from the swimming pool skimmers in our apartment complex and load them up in the trunk of Dylan's  peddle powered General Lee. 
I loved that car.   

Be still my heart.

~Amber D. McNabb


  1. Wow! I don't know whether to be a little scared or impressed at the bravery! Great photos.

    1. Teehee, they are his friends. I just googled to see what sort of creatures your boys might capture in Isreal. My Riley would love to catch one of these!:
      shmamit batim (Mediterranean gecko)