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Finding Beauty in Today's World

If you just take a moment to look, I mean REALLY look beyond the obvious, you can find beauty everywhere. Like here at the Walmart, beyond the hot concrete, cars and parking lot lights, you can see a gorgeous sky at sunset.

Ok Now you try. 
If you look, I mean REALLY look......do you see it?
 YES! Right in front of that beautiful midday sky is a GLORIOUS Michaels Art and Craft Store!

Ok let's try again.......can you see it?

Look closer........

YES! Underneath all that black frosting is a cutie pie toofless little precious boy of mine.


~Amber D. McNabb


  1. So sweet! Now, I just need to know, how long did it take to get that black frosting washed off of that sweet face?? :)

    1. Teehee thanks Carmella, I just sent him into the swimmin pool and let the chlorine do its work LOL