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He Makes My Heart Proud

I can't get over the creative brain of my Rileyman. It just warms my heart ever so! He is ALWAYS creating something even with the most basic of supplies. Like this here warrior armor "get up" to help him slay monster dragons. 

And just recently he went through his wildlife book of birds and made replicas complete with nests and eggs and placed them all over outside. 


Yellow Finch

And this here is a Downy Woodpecker.  

Did I say how much I love his brain?

 His older brother Devyn (AKA Dadu) was pretty artistic when he was this age but he is 19 now and I'm certain there may or may not be an unwritten, unspoken rule against me posting all his Pokemon drawings. Or is there? I will have to think on it. Anyhoo where was I? Oh yes the Rileyman and his creativity.

 It seems to bring out the creative side in everyone. 

Hello there Elijah you cutie pie sweet little boy.

Riley's buddy Elijah dug into the art supplies and made a picture for his Daddy who is currently serving our country. Thank you Elijah's Daddy!! And thank you Elijah's Mommy for raising this sweet precious boy.

And here is MY sweet precious boy preparing a hand made birthday card for his little cousin Sidney who just turned 3.

Have I said yet how much he warms my heart? 
I just love this kid. 
A really REALLY lot.

~Amber D. McNabb

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