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A Day On The Lake

Once a month I get to spend the day on the lake with my hubby. He convinced me to join his fishin club and I am officially a tournament fisherlady. We get so share beautiful, quiet mornings surrounded by this.

Well, quiet that is, until my hubby and his buddies in the next boat decide to start talking smack to one another. Isn't fishin supposed to be a quiet sport? 

You know, the kind of quiet where I get pout when the fish aren't biting and lay my head down for a mid morning and pre afternoon and post afternoon nap?

And snap some photos of interesting natural formations such as this rock that looks like a bullfrog. 

And my future lakeside home.

And an oncoming river barge.

Ahoy mateys!
 That is the correct use of nautical verbiage yes?

While I was fishing, no I cannot tell a lie,  I mean while I was hiding  under an umbrella so as not to melt in the scorching sun, a swarm of mayflies attacked me...

..........I mean paid me a visit. Aren't they...er...um...cute?

Dale came by and busted my non fishing self  hiding under an umbrella and proceeded to tell me that I might very well be the smartest person out on the lake and then he proceeded to head to the dock cause he was melting too. 

It was a nice peaceful day on the lake and my hubby caught four of these which won the tournament and since we are a team I can proudly say WE won. Didn't WE honey? Yes WE did.

~Amber D. McNabb

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