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The Story Of P. Draggy-Puffy's Cousin

Once upon a time there was a blue dragon.

(Rileyman: "WAIT...Mommy we should make our dragon look more scary-er"
Mommy: "No I like how our dragon is kinda friendly and cute"
Rileyman: "Oh so he is Puff the Magic Dragon?"
Mommy: "Nah. More like Puffy's cousin.....P. Draggy"
Rileyman "Oh...cool")
continuing on........

P. Draggy likes to fly around snacking on red flowers.

And for dessert he enjoys the sweet fruit of a sparkle tree.

All this eating makes him quite thirsty so he goes home to sip on his dish of water from the pink river.

P. Draggy is feeling tired now so he begins to fluff up his nest for a nice nap.

Nighty night P. Draggy.

Amber D. McNabb 
The Rileyman

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