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My Hubby Does "Crafty Stuff" Too!

Huh? What's going on here? Honey? Are you.....CRAFTING?!!!

"No I am NOT crafting, I am making fishing lures"

That looks like CRAFTING to me. You are creating something and even painting....you are SO crafting.

"I am NOT crafting"
Yes you are.

Above is the finished product of what is now dubbed "Mike's Lures". You see, we are an outdoorsy type family and we love our fishing.

And we love our fish.  

And speaking of fish, I spent the weekend at Dad's last week and packed all my paints and paint brushes and left all my canvases at home. I was really crushed......until Dad put a piece of driftwood in front of me and requested a northern pike. He loves it.

And I love painting on driftwood and things found in nature. I now have a pile of "natural canvases" ready for some color.

Amber D. McNabb


  1. What?! You made that?? Wow...that is awesome. Don't know why I'm surprised but it's great!
    And yes...he's crafty. ;)

  2. Aw you are just precious! And yes....he is crafty....in a manly type way. Teehee.

  3. omg omg omg CAn I please have that front piece with a PIKE on it for TOdd's new MAN ROOM!!!! I can use it for our anniversary in JUne... I have MONEY and I LOVE LOVE LOVE You LOTS!!!

  4. LOL Sherry that front piece is my Dad's and a trout is going on it but Mikey and I went out and found some more really nice pieces. I'll fix ya one up!