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Constantly Elfing Around

Holiday crafting is SO on at the house of Color Of Dawn Creations. As I stated in this morning's facebook fan page post, "Working like a busy elf to prepare for "Cyber Monday" ---and from all glistening glitter that is absolutely everywhere, I look as though I have been "having relations" with a magic Christmas fairy."

If you aren't a fan yet, well then click my link on the left of this page and head on over to "like" me. You DO like me DON'T you? Eh-heh..... But as I was saying, I've been elfing around so much today that I am still in my pajamas and have not yet had lunch and it is almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon! It probably doesn't help that my computer is uber-slow which makes it really difficult to upload images to the computer, edit the images and then create listings in my ETSY SHOP. But I must go on! Cyber Monday is almost here and I want to be prepared. Here are a few more things recently uploaded.

Happy Cybershopping!
~Amber D. McNabb



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  4. Thank you all for visiting my blog. I have accepted all of your invitations. ~Amber

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