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God Sheltered Me From The Storm

It seems as though my life has been in a wild storm for the last few months and I have been in a losing battle trying to weather it.  I sure lost sight of the one thing, the only one that can give me peace. God. The storm came to a gradual halt when, in the middle of a tragedy, I was placed out in the country, by myself for a few days.This was the first time in my life that I have ever been completely by myself, without humans I mean. And in those few days of silence with nature and God, I began to feel peace once again. Even though this critter tried with all her cuteness to steal my delicious and nutritious ravioli lunch. Don't even think about it kitty meow.   
This was one critter of many that I was caring for. My best companions during those days of solace were dogs. (God spelled backward....coincidence? I think not) Three of them. Spencer, Teeter and Bailey. And they seemed to know I needed them as much as they needed me. We took care of each other.

Here we are on one of our treks out into the back woods. 
Bailey on the left, Spencer on the right.
Spencer on the left, Teeter on the right.
Spencer again. Sshh. He will always be my favorite sweet buddy.
This is where Bailey's little legs gave out. It's driving the four wheeler for him with me for the rest of the way. Specially since we were headed to the top of the hill.
And what a gorgeous view it was. They knew it. Bailey and Spencer sat there taking in the view and seemingly waiting on the sunset. Teeter was off running as usual.
Oh here she is.
Ok ok my turn.
There is little more that quiets the soul than the beauty of nature and woMan's best friend. while out on our nature treks I gathered some of that nature and tried my hand at "flower" arranging.
                                         And before I left, I made some art to leave behind.
The technique was inspired by Laura Kelley of Pitter Patter Art. A beautiful and talented artist. This world would be truly blessed if we all had even half the energy, drive and FAITH of this amazing young lady.
~Amber D. McNabb 

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  1. Beautiful post, sorry for your hardships and hope things will be better very soon. Thanks for sharing.