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Hoo Hoo Who's There?

Go to grab a bottle of water at our house and you just may find some hootie owls nesting in there. A few weeks ago my bes'buddy Amy and the Rileyman's bes'buddy Cade came over to do a little crafting.
I had prepared for the perfect Owl Family project that I found on The Frugal Family Fun Blog because Mr. Cade is an Owl enthusiast extraordinaire. In case you were wondering, these cute little guys are made from paper towel and toilet paper rolls cut to size.
Super easy and super cute and super versatile since you can use just about anything to decorate them with. Paint, papers, markers, googlies, feathers...you name it.
All four of us had fun making these cute little guys.

And then Cade and Amy came up with the most wonderful idea for an owl Photo Shoot.

And they perched PERFECTLY on the branches of my forsythia bush!

So perfect in fact that we brought the forsythia bush branches inside for the perfect place to park our owls when they need their rest.
Another fun fun fun day of crafting! And many more to come.
Thank you for visiting!
~Amber D. McNabb


  1. And crafting with our best buds is one thing we are most thankful for-----Cade & Amy

  2. And we are so thankful too! We love you!~ Riley & Amber

  3. Haha. What a great project! It looks like you had a wonderful time.