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McNabb Farm On Instagram

The weather this weekend, although a bit cloudy and breezy, was warm enough to spend some time walking around McNabb farm.

We started out at the top of the hill, my most favorite spot. This is where, in my dreams, my house sits. Right on top of this hill.

Right in the middle of all of my hubby's strategically placed deer stands that surround the hill.

There is a conflict.

I have to take a photo every single time I am up here. It is just so breathtaking and peaceful. I have been in love with spot ever since my sweet love first took me up here twenty some years ago.

Yesterday I decided to capture this moment on Instagram. I love this shot. I love Instagram. I love this spot. I love my sweet love who brought me to this spot.

I have a lot of love.

After I saw how Instagram would so perfectly capture the beauty and serenity of the farm, I was on an Inta-mission to gather a collection of photos of some of my favorite sights.

This looks like a rope but it is not a rope. It is a very old, very heavy, very rusty and perfectly beautiful metal cable. I just love the way it looks hanging there in the tree all rustic-like.

Beyond this tree is the creek where we spend lots and LOTS of time in the warm months catching minnows, crawdads and salamanders.

This lonely buttercup was peeking out of the ground as if bravely announcing that warm weather is on it's way!

I have always loved the hollow of this tree. It is so mysterious. What lives in there?
An owl?
Baby foxes?
A family of toads?
Is it a fairy house?

This is one old barn of four on the property. This used to be a hog farm and there used to be several hogs beside this old barn.  

 There is an old cement mixer in that barn. I have a strange and maybe slightly unhealthy fascination with this cement mixer. I have photographed it several times.
Is it the color that lures me? 
Is it possible I have a weird addiction to the old and rusty farm equipment? 
Is it possible I worked in cement in a past life?

I have photographed this several times as well.
I am mesmerized.
I can't explain it.

This is the rock that we use to hop the creek on our way back into the holler.  This rock looks strong and steady but you can play teeter totter on it.
This would have been good information to have the first time I hopped on it.

And here is one of my favorite places in the very back of the holler. Like the hollow tree above, it is mysterious to me.
What lives in that small cave?

If you walk straight up from the cave to the top of the hill you will be right back where this post started, in my favorite spot.
Where the house in my dreams sits.
Right in the cross-fire of every tree stand that my hubby has strategically placed.
You can see the conflict.
I'm working on it. Still.

~Amber D. McNabb

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