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Monday Dreamin'

The Rileyman and I are about done with this winter weather.
We got the cabin fever.
 We got it somethin' fierce.

We're dreamin' of warmer weather.
 Out in the peaceful Country.
Where you can sit on the quiet porch and ponder what you might do with your day.

Where breakfast supplies are just a short bicycle ride to the barn.

Where you can take the time to thank God and Nature.

Where a little hard works pays off.

Where you have the best of buddies to help keep you clean.

Where you can do a little evening fishin'....

...until one of your buddies jumps in and ruins your fishin' hole.

No worries.
Here, in our dream, there is plenty of space to explore and maybe chase a tiny frog or two.

And there's always a welcoming committee.

~Amber D. McNabb and The Rileyman

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