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Daily Doodles and Sellable Art

Happy March 1st!
Is it Spring yet? Despite my annual January and February hibernation, I have managed to get a few things done this year.

Not too terribly ambitious yet mind you, but progress nonetheless.

A few pieces of Art have been created, sold and shipped. These two are the sold pieces of Art for Romania:

And this Art for Haiti sold almost immediately after posting.

I've also been playing around with the website, updating pages tweaking a few things here. I wanted a cleaner, simpler look and the ability have my pictures show up in extra large form without overlapping everything in the side bar.

I love the new, bigger photos!

I have also been pondering the thought of  reworking the doodles that happen during my day job into sellable art. This here is my "Pending/To Do" folder at work. The inside of the folder is packed with pending/to do things but the outside is completely and ambitiously decorated with ink pen and highlighter doodles.

My priorities may need some attention.

Anyhoo, I have been bringing some art supplies and keeping them in the car for a little lunch break art break.

I wanted to see if Sharpies would work on canvas.
 And they do!!!

You've no idea how excited this makes me!

Amber D. McNabb

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