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A Ba-ji-llion Valentines For Grandma

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today has been a much anticipated day!
It all started with a mass email and conversations between me and all of my family.  We all decided that this Valentine's Day, we were going to shower Grandma Joan with love through Valentines. 

 I am now going to show you a photo of her but-brace yourself, she happens to be THE MOST beautiful woman on this planet.
And she has spent quite some time doing what she is doing in this photo.

Holding babies.
A LOT of babies.
There are near a hundred of us kids, grandkids and great grandkids and we like babies. A REALLY lot. I sincerely hope her postman understands the crazy depths of the love that we have for her.
We agreed to send Valentines of all kinds.
(except for cousin German but we will come to that later) 
Store bought, hand made, computer generated, candies, flowers etc.

Photos of  Valentines being sent started to trickle in. Here is Aunt Nancy and Uncle Raymond's awesome scrapbook card in the spirit of "home made".

Aunt Terri and Uncle Ron went the traditional route of a heartfelt store bought card.
So sweet!
Sniff sniff.

Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim pulled a computer generated tear-jerker out of their hats!

The photo above shows Grandma and her six amazing children.
Three boys and three girls. Could it be more perfect?
I am really feelin' that red bow.

And then there's cousin Angie, her crazy husband German, and their 5 insanely gorgeous children. German insisted that everything be "handmade, handmade handmade." I think the conversations revealed that he had even made his own glitter out of sand. Sand that he trudged through snow to find and had to carry home in his underwears and pockets. Uphill both ways. Yes I am almost POSITIVE this is what was said. Grandma, beware of the glitter. We aren't sure if the above story is true.

Sweet little Lindsey made her very own card.

I absolutely cannot get over the preciousness of the note she put inside! 

My brother Phillip sent what very well might be my favorite so far.
I love that kid.

The poem reads: 
To my loving Granny,
With her youngest son Danny
Then there's Tim and Jim
Without them life would be grim
And there's Nancy
With her hair that's always fancy
What would you do
Without your Pammie Sue?
Life wouldn't be very merry
Without your oldest daughter Terri

Cousins Kevin and Kayla went the e-card route. I absolutely LOVE penguins. SO super CUTE! 
(oh and Kevin, you need to pug in your computer)

And then there's cousin Jay who has a creative talent for which I am not worthy. I do not even begin to know how he digitally created the image below for his Valentine but I can look and look at it forever and notice new details. I challenged him to make something stellar and he delivered.
He claimed he went a "little OCD" on it.
I concur.
It is absolutely stunning.

And then there's my clan. We grabbed the necessary supplies and went to work.

*The Rileyman actually made his Daddy's card for him.......and charged him $3.00. Such a talented young entrepreneur!

My boys did an excellent job.
Makes their Mamma so proud!

On a side note, to my son Devyn, when your girlfriend sees that you can make such a sweet home made Valentine, you KNOW she will be expecting one.  (the supplies are still on the table-you're welcome)

Cousins Katie, Jessica and Nicki all said their Valentines were in the mail. I am fairly Certain Josh and Missy sent one aaaaaaaaaall the way from Romania, and my Mother (Pammie Sue)  and my sister Bekah sent some sweet treats.

And there are SO many more on the way!

Brace yourselves again.
Here comes another picture of our beautiful Grandma.

Dear Grandma,
I know I speak for all of us when I say, the amount of love that ALL of your children have for you is completely immeasurable. You are so greatly and wonderfully adored.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Also, Valentine's Day would not be complete without The Cuppycake song.
You SO need to click this and listen.
 And listen again.
And again. And again.

I can't get enough.
I might have a minor and slightly unhealthy addiction to this song.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    love the Cuppy Cake song :) <3